Submits an Overtime report request. Overtime reports display the specified metrics over a defined time period. Overtime reports can display multiple metrics in a report. The only possible element in an Overtime report is time.

Overtime reports have the following characteristics:

  • Display metrics over a defined time period.
  • Display multiple metrics in a report, if desired.
  • Support only the Time element.

Method parameters are required unless noted otherwise.

Report.QueueOvertime parameters

Name Type Description
reportDescription tns:reportDescription A report description that specifies the desired Overtime report contents.
validate tns:boolean Pre-validates the report request to prevent reports with errors from being placed in the queue.

Report.QueueOvertime response

Type Description
tns:reportQueueResponse Includes the report status, and the ID used to download the report (Report.GetReport) or request a current report status (Report.GetStatus).

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