Creates a list of API calls to make when the Integration Wizard completes.

In Data Connectors 3.0, Product.SubmitProductScript was renamed to Product.AddProductScript.

Product.SubmitProductScript Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
productCode xsd:string


A valid Data Connectors product code. You can get a list of your company's product codes by calling Partner.GetProducts.

script xsd:string


The product script that you want to submit. For information about the script format and structure, see the Product.GetProductScriptresponse.

scriptName xsd:string


A short name for this product script. The scriptName must be unique.

scriptDesc xsd:string


A detailed description of the product script.

runOn xsd:string


When the script should execute. Supported values include:

demand: Designates the script as an on-demand script that you can call at any time (see Partner.RunScript).

integration_create: Runs the script after the Data Connectors Wizard completes for a new integration.

integration_edit: Runs the script after the Data Connectors Wizard completes for an existing integration.

Product.SubmitProductScript Response

Parameter Type Description
status status

A status code and associated message related to the operation.

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