Data Types

The Data Connectors Partner API uses these custom data types.

A custom data type defines a structure for organizing and containing a specific set of data. Additionally, XML defines certain primitive (common) data types such as int, string or date. The XML Schema Definition describes these primitive data types.

Adobe uses the following convention to identify a data type related to Marketing Cloud web services:


For example:

  • xsd:int identifies a primitive data type that is part of the xsd namespace (XML Schema Definition), and that the type is int (Integer).
  • tns:code_items identifies a custom data type that is part of the tns namespace (an Adobe private namespace), and that the type is code_items. The tns namespace prefixes all custom data types related to the Adobe Marketing Cloud.


The existing data type documentation was written for SOAP API, so it has parameter types defined. When using the REST API, there is no need to specify parameter types. Method name should be added to request URL, as described in REST Service section.

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