API Documentation


Analytics Reporting
Run custom reports on your Analytics data.
Analytics Reporting 1.3
Run custom reports on your Analytics data.
Analytics Administration
Manage report suites, permissions, and company settings.
Analytics Administration 1.3
Manage report suites, permissions, and company settings.
Import and export your classification data
Classifications 1.3 (SAINT)
Import and export your of classification data
Data Feeds
Retrieve configuration details and the status of data feed processing.
Data Insertion
Import data into Adobe Analytics without JavaScript beacons.
Data Sources
Import data from external sources to enhance SiteCatalyst reporting.
Data Warehouse
Request reports that display advanced data relationships.
Analytics Live Stream
Provides a live stream of partially-processed Analytics data.
Segments 1.4
Get and delete segments.
Calculated Metrics 1.4
Get and set calculated metrics.


Retrieve data, such as contents, polls, questionnaires, and sweepstakes using an API.
The Survey API lets you retrieve details about currently defined surveys.


Make your online content and offers more relevant to your customers and yield greater conversions
Increase conversions by ensuring relevant choices are automatically presented to the right customers at the right time—on-site or through email campaigns.

Experience Manager

Developer Resources
documentation on installing, administering, using and developing with AEM 5.6. It also covers AEM concepts and architecture.

Experience Cloud

Describes the available methods to authenticate to Marketing Cloud web services.
Data Connectors (Genesis)
Automate the integration of all your marketing tools into one central location.